Mogul Techniques


When you are learning mogul. There are four primary ways or routes that you can choose when mogul skiing.

  1. Blue line. It involves taking your turn at the flat top of the mogul while skiing,the ridge line of the mogul, which is adjacent to the point where you initiated the turn before you finally drift downwards to the next flat mogul top where you suppose to initiate you next turn.
  2. Green line. This involves simultaneously initiating and completing turns I the same mogul flat top and then drifting downwards to the secondary fall lines to the adjacent/next flat mogul top that you have selected for your next turn.
  3. Trough line. The trough line technique involves skiing down via the troughs that surround each of the moguls. Through the trough technique, you follow the troughs in each mogul while making quick turns that links one trough to another. However, this method requires that you make quicker reflexes and contraction movements.
  4. Zipper line. It involves skiing in a straight run while facing directly down the fall line. It involves heavy jumping between the moguls, which makes the skier’s knees up around their head. The Zipper line also requires high reflexes and rapid contraction movements to succeed.

World’s best Mogul runs


Nature is such a darling to all of us especially y those who love mogul skiing. Nature has provided us with the snowy mountains for us to skiing about free of charge. We have prepared for you some of the best mogul runs in the world.

Outer limits

Outer limits are found in Killington USA. This mountain is widely known to have groomed one of the best mogul skiers who won a gold medal at world cup Olympics and five other cups in various mogul skiing tournaments. The skier is none other than Donna Weinbretch, and she learned to ski on this mountain at a young age to become a pro in mogul skiing. The mountain has incredible moguls with uniform terrains for skiing.

Little Burn

The Little Burn is found in Copper Mountain 75 miles west of Denver, Colorado. The little burn contains continuous bumps that form a smooth terrain highly preferred by skiers.

Mary Jane

It is found at Winter Park in Colorado. The moguls in these mountains are among the best in the world. The bumps are arranged perfectly in rows to which gives skies the ideal platform to practice mogul skiing and hold tournaments. The place is also surrounded by joints full of refreshment just in case someone is hungry, thirsty or tired.


Taos is found in New Mexico US. The mountain is dedicated to a high level and freestyle skiing such as mogul skiing. The well-structured moguls overlying the mountain forms a scenic view that often instils fear to skiers especially beginners. The moguls are continuous, and you can often wonder when they are going to end.


The mountain boasts about 40 percent successful runners groomed in it. One side of the mountain is smooth and friendly, but the other consists of snow topped moguls that bring a scary feeling to many skiers. However, it gives a fascinating experience to those who go there for mogul skiing.

Grande Combe

It is Africa’s highest Ski resort that is located 1000 feet above sea level. The mountain contains the world’s most bizarre moguls that give the skiers with an uphill task of skiing. The mountain surely offers the best terrain for skiing and resort.

Combe du Vallon

It is found in Meribel, France. It has crazy moguls that will get you in a panic on the first sight. A flat section at the bottom gives the skiers an ideal location to camp.

Prima Cornice

Prima Cornice is found in Colorado found in the mountainous vail. It has a couple of double diamond mogul runs that covers the vails’ front face. However the mogul run is not that long, it gives a serious challenge to mogul skiers. Beginners will find it very difficult to start off in Prima Cornice moguls.


It is found in the vast terrains of Zermatt in Switzerland. It has two long and tricky fields, which are vastly covered by moguls with monstrous bumps at the top. The mountain normally becomes a beehive of skiing activities in February, which is when it opens.

Mont Fort

The Mont Fort Mountain is also found in Verbier Switzerland. It contains several monster moguls, which require nerves, skills, fitness and tough legs since they are located at the top.

Point de Vue

Point de vue is found in Argentiere France. The run can be very challenging especially on the Grands Montets cable car. The bumps that form huge moguls can also be tricky and requires those who have been in the skiing field for quite sometimes now. Beginners may find it very challenging due to the crevasses at the sides of the mountain.