All-time Best Mogul Skiers


Mikael Kingsbury

Mikael Kingsbury has become one of the dominant figures in the history of freestyle skiing. All the jitters about Kingsbury are due to the success recorded in the World Cup circuit where Michael competes. Recently, Mikael Kingsbury won a record seventh title in the World cup mogul final help in Tawazako Japan. The Canadian comfortably beat Philippe Marquis, who hails from Quebec City. This win is the one who made be in the list of world’s all time Mogul skiers alongside the French counterpart, Edgar Grospiron. Michael has also clinched the Crystal Globe award that is given by FIS to exemplary performers in Mogul Skiing.

Edgar Grospiron

He is widely known as the first mogul champion by mogul lovers. It is largely due to the medal awarded to him during the first Olympic world cup held in 1992. He was the first to clinch the award under mogul skiing category. It probably earned him the fame and privilege to be on the list of all-time individuals who made Mogul a success.

Edgar Grospiron, who was born in France, continued to excel in the world of freestyle skiing by winning many awards for his country and globally. In 1994, he clinched a bronze award in the winder world cup Olympics held in Lillehammer. He had also gone to an extra mile to help his French team especially when he became an active member of the French technical team in 2012 Winter Youth Olympic tournaments. He was also in charge of the Annecy bid in the 2008 Winter Olympics.

Dale Begg-Smith

He is also recognized in the field of freestyle Olympics especially in the Mogul Skiing. The Canadian-born star clinched his first title in the 2006 Winter Olympics after delivering a stunning performance that left his opponents agape. His skills were so exceptional that he was called upon by various sports organizations to teach the upcoming players on mogul techniques.

Dale Begg’s exceptional performance continued and in 201o winter Olympic Games. He again won a gold medal in mogul skiing. The medal earned him a place among the top five Australians to win gold medals in World Olympic tournaments. He also became the youngest, Australian to win a gold medal at the age of 20 and also the youngest in the history of Mogul Skiing. He has also clinched many awards in his career with the Skis and snowboards Australia award being one of the prestigious awards he has clinched.

Alexander Bilodeau

Alexander Bilodeau became the first Canadian to win gold at the world Olympic winter games held in Canada. He subsequently won the same title in 2014 putting in the list of individuals who have excelled and ruled the mogul skiing field. Winning the Olympic medal in 2014 also put him in the limelight for being the first participant in Olympic history to defend a title.

He is a three-time FIS World Champion and also the first Canadian to get a huge success in any Olympic tournament. He overcame his fierce rival, Jean-Luc Brassard to become the Canadian with the most World Cup medals in history. He even retired with a title in his last competition. Even though he is no longer in the mogul skiing field, his legacy still lives with mogul lovers.

Hannah Kearney

Hannah has clearly grounded herself to being the best woman mogul skier. Since starting her career, she has always been in the limelight for exceptional performances. Hannah is a three-time world cup champion in women’s mogul and won the world championship tournament that was held in Norway. Kearney has been so good in Mogul Skiing such that her consecutive winning streak in the 2011 and 2012 tournaments earned her a place as one of mogul skiers with the longest win in a year. She set a record win of 16 tournaments in the women’s category.

When asked about her success, Hannah claims that she is not yet where she wants to be and is promising her fans of great things in the future. Who knows, she might become the outstanding of the individuals in the list of all-time Mogul skiers. All the best to Hannah Kearney.

Janne Lahtela

Janne Lahtela is one of the athletes that have established themselves as the most dominant person controlling the mogul skiing. Janne’s remarkable journey in mogul skiing began in 2002 when he won a gold medal in the Winter Olympics after a wonderful display of skills in mogul skiing. Since then, he has won five World Cup tournaments to mark his outstanding performance in mogul skiing.